Kuala Lumpur is a cosmopolitan as it is full of tradition and heritage. This rich diversity is clearly reflected in the varied architecture that is found in the city. From amazing towering high-tech skyscrappers and glitzy shopping malls and hotels in the city centre, to the historic Moorish designed buildings from the colonial era. The contrasts and diversity in the city extends even further to the culinary options, attractions, shopping and the many activities you can experience in KL.

The multi-ethnic composition of the vibrant and hospitable people of Kuala Lumpur speaks volumes of the rich cultural heritage of Malaysia's capital city. Fashionable fine dining options to street food at roadside stalls, these selections reflect the Malay, Chinese and India composition. The contrast and diverse landscape reveals the dynamism in which the city has evolved into futuristic metropolis while retaining the heart and soul of its heritage by incorporating historical elements into the new designs and retaining the age-old traditions of its people, thus further enhancing the culture of Kuala Lumpur.

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